Department of Education Contracts 2021

The Department of Education (DOE) is responsible for administering federal financial aid and overseeing education policies in the United States. Every year, the department awards contracts to various entities to help carry out its mission. In 2021, the DOE has already awarded several contracts, with more expected to come throughout the year.

One of the largest contracts awarded by the DOE in 2021 is a $137 million contract to Student Loan Servicing Alliance (SLSA). SLSA will provide customer service and debt collection assistance for the Federal Direct Loan Program, which includes Stafford, PLUS, and Graduate/Professional PLUS loans. The contract is for five years and will help the DOE manage the more than $1.5 trillion in outstanding student loan debt.

Another significant contract awarded by the DOE in 2021 is a $5 million contract to EAB Global, Inc. EAB will provide consulting and advisory services to the DOE`s Office of Federal Student Aid (FSA). EAB will help the FSA improve financial aid delivery and student loan management to better serve students and families.

In addition to these contracts, the DOE has also awarded smaller contracts for various services. For example, the department awarded a $1 million contract to OnPoint Consulting, Inc. for cybersecurity support services. The DOE also awarded a $1 million contract to Interfolio, Inc. for a faculty recruitment and hiring system.

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In conclusion, the DOE has already awarded several contracts in 2021, with more expected to come. These contracts will help the department manage student loan debt, improve financial aid delivery, ensure cybersecurity, and more. As copy editors writing about these contracts, it`s important to consider SEO best practices to ensure maximum exposure for the article.